I want you to feel free.

What that looks like will differ for everyone.

I come from a long line of rebels and survivors. My grandparents rebelled against governments and survived the holocaust.

Freedom means something deeply powerful to my lineage and we’ve done some beautiful things with it. Created animal sanctuaries and charity funds, worked for refugee resettlement, built schools, built companies, discovered meteors, climbed uncharted mountains, and taught people all we know along the way.

What you’ve done with your freedom will be all around you, in the relationships you’ve chosen, the jobs you keep, the way you treat your body…

I can't tell you what an experience working together would look like, it will be completely unique depending on your circumstances and what you want in this life.

I do trust that you got here, to me, for a reason. 


 If something is not feeling right in your life, it’s likely not right for you.

This is an experience of learning to trust yourself above all else.

It's an experience that could require some demolition and some rebuilding in all arenas of your life...

So that everything from your relationships, your body, what you do for fun, to the ways you make money, and express yourself in this world, allows you to be free.

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My background is in philosophy, academia, neuropsych, CBT, Eastern & Western medicine and philosophies, Neotantra/taoism, human sexuality, existential kink, alternative relationships and sacred sexuality, nutrition, relationships, trauma, Neurolinguistics, psychology...


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