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Most of my life was spent trying to make a difference externally.


I worked for non-profits and refugee services.

I got every certificate I could get my hands on from yoga, cognitive behavior therapy, nutrition, NLP, holotropic breathwork, sexology, relationship coaching, and more.

I later learned that to shape your external life you must first connect with and align with your internal truth.

And find the places where trauma contorts your reality.


The work I offer is an orchestra of all these things and is led by a cocreated partnership between you and me.


My service on this planet is devoted to the practice of alignment and attunement.

To the magic that results from cultivating trust and hearing the truth.

Then trusting that truth as a guiding force.

This is a practice of learning to trust yourself and in turn all that is happening for you.


Whatever has brought you here...


I’m happy you are here and welcome.

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My background is in philosophy, academia, neuropsych, CBT, Eastern & Western medicine and philosophies, Neotantra/Taoism, human sexuality, existential/ spiritual kink, alternative relationships and sacred sexuality, nutrition, relationships, trauma, Neurolinguistics, psychology...


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