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If you're here because something in your life no longer makes sense, then good for you for wanting to change that.

Whether it's coaching with me, or taking other avenues towards change, you deserve a life you love and feel aligned with.

You deserve that, I deserve that, not because we're special- but because we all do.

A little about me...


I used to work for non-profit.

Had a big beautiful career that my mentors helped me build so I could one day take over for them.

I had been working 7 day weeks for a cause I am deeply passionate about (refugee resettlement).


I had convinced myself that this was life.

You find something you’re passionate about and give it your everything until you die.


But I would look at my superiors and see that they were MISERABLE. Burnt out, angry, cynical.


My focus, brain, and physical body started resisting what my ego wanted my life to look like.

The work-hard-play-hard philosophy I grew up with was no longer successfully fueling my over-performing tendencies.

My health deteriorated, and emotionally I hit bottom.

So I quit. 


No plan for rent, for food, for the future. And I figured it out from there.


Years later, I thank that burnt out frazzled little version of me for making the single choice that would get me here. To a place where I work less, make more, and where my work and personal lives are aligned and supportive of each other.


Now what I know to be true from persona experience and coaching others—


WHETHER it be with work, relationships, money, and health :


Life doesn’t have to be hard all the time.


Life doesn’t have to be 7 day work weeks.


Life can be simple, easy, nourishing, balanced.

It can be filled with easy relationships. Filled with people who see you and support you.


Life can feel magical.


It’s hard to feel the infinite abundance of life when you’re busy surviving.


So if your body has been saying “NO MORE” to you, welcome.


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Jennifer Jade Merrihue

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