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As much as you can, keep life going as usual much as possible...

If you CAN’t work during quarantine, firstly, I’m sorry for whatever trouble that has brought you. Please reach out if you need any encouragement or emotional support.

Secondly, tend and take care of your basics- get active, cook healthy food, relax as much as you can.


(Here’s the hack)

Schedule time when you can wallow in the panic of this very unique global experience we are sharing- read all the worst case scenarios, make your emergency kits, bejazzle them, call your most paranoid friend to indulge in conspiracy theories for a little.

AND then,

Schedule space and make time where you can ENJOY the quarantine - by taking lots of baths, playing video games, doing arts and crafts, binging shows in a couch fort you’ve built, learning a new craft or recipe on YouTube, learning about yourself, learning about the people around you, asking for what you need (like space) and practice receiving it.

Come back to balance.

Loose it.

Come back again.

Schedule in when you will listen to the news.

Ideally, limit this to once or twice a day.

We can get hooked on the anxiety-hits we get from news. They keep us on high alert, which may make us feel safer. It may feel better or safer when we’re constantly on guard and on alert during an extended crisis like this one. But remember- the energy we have every day is a finite resource. Being on alert all day long in quarantine is a waste of energy and resources because there is no IMMEDIATE danger.

Conserve your survival instincts and high alert responses for a time when you can actually UTILIZE them to survive.

In a world obsessed with efficiency and hoarding resources, allocating some space for panic and pleasure should make a lot of sense to all of us 😉

Happy plague-life one and all. ☀️

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