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IN CERTAIN PLACES IN INDIA, it is said that the gods don’t hear you pray if you have your period. No matter how hard you try.

I can’t imagine a god that would create anything imperfect. Can omnipotence make mistakes?

I don’t think so. Whether you believe God is a man, a woman, an elephant, a force...what if we looked at everything that exists as if it was just as it should be. Perfect. Divine.

What proof do we use to believe this? The acceptance that if it was meant to be any other way, it would be.

Yes, that includes horrific things, like this pandemic, like natural disasters, even war and murder. Things that we could never possibly understand or justify, may, on the bigger scheme of things, have a purpose. Do we know what that purpose is? No. We can’t. We only have our single focused view of all that is perceived reality.

Think of earth as an organism.

All of earth, one giant organism.

We are some of the little cells.

Mountains, water, oxygen, and all the other things that exist on earth are the veins and fluids and tissue of that organism.

We live and die, get diseases, attack ourselves and each other, use up our resources, heal ourselves, build (like scar tissue)...just like other organisms do.

Just like our own bodies can do.

Stay with me.

If our pancreas had a voice, would be very angry at the liver when we drank alcohol because it would have to “produce more insulin that is needed- which can lead to low blood sugar, which can make us hungry, nauseous or nervous…”.

It might even claim the liver is evil and only causes sins and disarray.

When, for example, the poor liver is working double time to try and process alcohol that is consumed because the hypothalamus (the part of your brain that makes us feel stress) has also been working double-time due to some external circumstances (like job loss or change of environment). When unexpected things like this happen, the human system is looking for ways to decompress, which leads to the emotional habit adopted in the brain to reach for a drink in attempts to self soothe, while under stress.

To summarize- human gets stressed (triggers hypothalamus), habit reaches for easiest perceived available resources to self soothe, liver works double time to detox organism, pancreas has to produce 2ce as much insulin as it usually would.

Is it fair to call the liver evil here? No. It’s actually doing it’s best to keep us alive even though the result is being hangry, nauseous, and even more stressed. Sometimes, if the liver fails- might even lead to death!

Do you get my drift?

The pancreas doesn’t see the whole organism. It doesn’t see the external effects of the environment. It doesn’t take into account every little player. The positive and negative of everything involved, where it stemmed from, and why. And even if it wanted to, it could not.

We are the pancreas in this scenario here.

We want to point at the things causing bad things and claim they are innately evil and bad. We humans have a habit of labeling anything we don’t understand as evil (whether that be periods, sexual desire, “sinning”). We want to rid the world of evil! Well in this example the liver is evil and without one, you gonna die.

Alright, alllll this to bring me back to periods and drugs.

We are a species that has always enjoyed altered states.

We have experimented with them, held them holy ceremonies, used them in temples, rituals, chanting, journeys, healing, wars, getting through university, escaping pain, and many other creative excuses.

Historically, we have used drugs to reach altered states- to better ourselves, to escape, to relax, to feel stronger, to explore different dimensions of our psyche. To experience life from different perspectives. To experience altered sensations. To expand our consciousness.

Well, I’ve recently found out that getting your period is the equivalent of a sweat lodge, a holy journey, the high you get after intensive breathwork, a massage, or mind altering sex, body work, or yoga.

Women who bleed don’t have to take drugs to reach altered states.

We don’t have to take drugs to see life from different perspectives and sensational experiences.

Every month we go through 4 different altered states of consciousness in our own bodies. CAN we do the journeys, sweat lodges, and drugs? Sure. I’m not arguing against that.

I’m just saying that somewhere along the way in our human history, taboo and fear got in the way of women fully connecting with, understanding, relating to, and indulging in the experience and benefits of having a menstrual cycle.

I’m going on a little over a year of rewiring how I relate to my own. And it has been one of the most powerful experiences of my entire life.

I used to dread it.

I used to apologize for how I was feeling.

I used to fight it.

Take every pain reliever possible.

I would go to work and hide in a corner, crumbling from the pain of my cramps.

Just to breathe through it and come out to pretend nothing was wrong with me.

I used to call it “my lady time”, which makes me shudder now.

For a society that glorifies death, war, call of duty, guns, hunting, getting down in the dirt, making a killing, how can we be so sensitive and repulsed by periods? Something so primal. Something so natural. Something that 49.6 % of the population of the world today has at one point or another gone through, is going through, is going to go through.

I recently heard a common joke from men, “I don’t trust something that bleeds for days and doesn’t die.” ...okay… but you’ll stick the most vulnerable and delicate piece of your whole body into it and fuck it?

I digress...

Women feel the pressure to be consistent within a body that cycles.

The business world has traditionally been structured around a masculine biology. And though many women can thrive there and have, there are new alternatives arising where women are making bank in a business structure that embraces, integrates, and benefits from their cycling.

A business model that provides flexibility and autonomy to guide HOW things get done.

Neither way is innately right or wrong, but balance comes from opposites. I am glad we are making the opposite extreme available to humans. Ideally, whatever gender you identify with, you will one day get to choose which combination of business styles fits your unique needs.

For an opportunity to work together send me a message! You're not alone. If I can't meet your needs I will do my very best to connect you with someone who can.

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