• Jennifer Jade Merrihue


We have this body of ours every single day of our lives.

Yet most of us are strangers to our bodies.

I study the human body, the brain, my own and others

It’s pulled my attention for decades at this point.

And even someone obsessed w/ bodies (me) fails to listen to it, to honor it when it begs for rest and stillness.

You see, I am a cis-gendered woman.

Raised in a society structured after traditional male anatomy.

An anatomy that is more or less hormonally consistent every day (more or less).

My body is hormonally different every week of the month.

It is the seasons of the year. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.

Some weeks I am better equipped for stillness, depth, decadence, ease. Going inside of myself and feeling my body as if it were an altered state, an ayuhuasca trip, a spiritual journey. (Winter- Menstrual phase)

Other weeks, I build. I organize. I plant. I get clear on my mission. On my resources. On my people. On the world. (Spring- Follicular phase)

Some weeks I am soaring, need no sleep, could create for hours, want to hold the world on my shoulders, talk to every single person in it. Taste every delicacy and smell every flower. (Summer- Ovulation phase)

Other weeks I am introspective, faced with my inner-critic (one of my most valued and wisest advisors - only after we made peace and worked to understand each other). I crave time alone, time to observe, to dip my whole being into nature. (Fall - Luteal phase)

Each week, the unique hormonal combination will amplify different abilities in my body. This body made to create life and have multiple orgasms.

If I listen, we are in-sync, in harmony, in grace. I benefit over and over and over again from the ease with which we work together. My physical body doing what it was made to do, my mind observing, accepting, embracing, surrendering, experiencing awe or acting on it.

If I don’t listen, pain, exhaustion, emotional crunchiness, physical war, annoyance, comparative hell, the experience of holding the world on my shoulder and constantly tripping/ dropping things, being blindsided.

It took some time to heal the wounds of feeling like there’s something wrong with my physical fluctuations. To heal being conditioned by society that being tired is a mindset, that pain is only in your head, that I as a person with a period should be able to function like everyone else every single day instead of learn and honor my own unique cycle and the power it pulses through and for me.

Now I look forward to winter. Because I healed (most) of those wounds I no longer get cramps or pain in my body at all. It is odd to notice that I miss that pain. That deep physical connection with this power inside me. A connection that used to feel like it had to scream at me or shut me down to get my attention. But it’s no longer needed, so it’s no longer here. I heard it, and when I forget, I am reminded.


Sometimes poetry comes through us.

Not the pretty rhyming ones laced in beauty.

But the ones like the above.

I want to teach you, and embody a world where it’s all important. Because that’s a world I want to co-create. Raise kids in. Fall in love with.

Where your art and your expressions of life as you see it are the medicine. Where sharing more of yourself is you being of service to the world.

Many times I would prefer to hide.

But this is me doing my part instead ⚜️

And welcoming you to do the same...

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