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Hello and welcome to our new exciting series all about the biggest sex organ you have.

What is it, you ask?

Our big beautiful brain. Technology has allowed us an ever expanding look into our internal universe, and respectively, how it shapes our experience of reality, the meaning we give it, and of course how this applies to our very favorite subject: Sex.

Have you ever heard of the Bohr model? He suggested atoms (the building blocks of matter) are similar in structure to our solar system. Though his research is proving incomplete, it’s still something to be humbled and inspired by when we’re reminded that we are all made out of stars. When you think of our brain, visualize its electricity as you would a galaxy; ever expanding, connecting pathways, creating new ones, and letting unused ones fizzle out and die. The more we use a path, the stronger it gets. So in our own sense, and with proper guidance and attention, we can play the creator in our own internal constellations.

If these pathways affect how you experience reality, how then do they affect sex?  

It’s important to understand how external and internal factors like your environment, your nutrition, and your mental/physical health can affect both your brain and your sexuality.

What good is blaming your spouse’s retired libido on yourself, if in fact, it’s the medication he’s on that is holding it hostage? The more you know, the more power you have in choosing what you’d prefer to prioritize and when not to take each other personally. It’s also interesting, when we compare the male and female brain and use knowledge to facilitate our communication, understanding and support of each other.

Our brain is like a muscle. We can get better and more efficient at anything we put our mind to through practice and repetition – regardless of our biology or gender. But it requires an understanding of where we are start out from to know where we want to end up and what “muscles” so to speak need our attention for us to get there.

In the following months, we will be exploring a multitude of road maps to help paint the picture of the ever-changing love story between sex and the brain. I hope it helps you navigate, negotiate, and better understand not only your own sex life, but sex as a whole.

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