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Private retreats

The medicine of nature.

A week-long retreat in the rivers.



Drink spring water from the mountain.

Eat fruit from the trees.

Return to your primal instincts.

Learn to trust yourself in ways impossible to emulate in general civilization.

Bring the wild your stress and your pain, and heal through adventure, nourishment, exploration, and wonder.

An adventure fully tailored for you and yours.


1-1 coaching can be a deeply transformational experience.

Every human body will benefit from a space to unload, be heard, seen, and held.


This is a weekly partnership tailored to you.


Coaching differs from therapy in that it has the freedom to be proactive and integrate a multidisciplinary approach to any need or desire.


Generally speaking, this will be like having your best friend in your pocket & a walking encyclopedia of all the things we didn’t learn in school.


Things including but not limited to communication, purpose, true anatomy, accurate sexual education, healing and preventative at-home care for your body/health/thriving, and how to heal or integrate trauma.

Realms of focus can be...





Before, during, and after Birth


Mental Health

Intimacy/ Sexuality

Holistic Healing

Holistic Gynecology

Body Literacy



Holotropic Breathwork is a type of therapy that involves deep breathing and music to help you access and explore your unconscious mind.


The term "holotropic" means "moving towards wholeness."

The practice accesses the deeper parts of your psyche, so you can heal emotional and psychological stressors stored in your mind & body.


This type of breathing can alter your state of consciousness, leading to vivid and often transformative experiences without a dependency on talk therapy.


It combines elements of ancient practices and modern psychology.


It is often used to treat anxiety, depression, and trauma, as well as to promote personal growth, relaxation, and spiritual exploration.

I hold these online or in person.

Online is an hour-long experience.

In-person is a ceremony.



This is something I am so excited about.

The two-on-one experience is uniquely tailored for whatever it is you're going through.

Another practitioner and I devote all our magic

to whatever is alive for you.

Depending on the details it can be a combination of somatic work, chiropractic, massage, martial arts and philosophy, neuropsychology,  breathwork, and more.

We can travel to see you where ever you are in the world and plan anywhere from 2 days to weeklong experiences

and adventures.


Think full mind, body, spirit journey to tackle something impossible, celebrate something beautiful, initiate a right of passage, or just care for your body.


Image by Maksym Sirman
Image by Mateus Guimarães


This is for you if you want to create your own business and own your time.


I travel the world. 

Work only when I want to.

And adore who I work with

and how I meet them.

I've had the very exciting ever rewarding privilege to work with those on the pursuit of a similar life.

Due to the vast nature of what's possible in most industries, send me a direct message to connect over what this specifically would look like for you.

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