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"Jade has been such great help during the last 5 months, as I navigated a lot of past and current issues with dating. I am so grateful for her coaching tactics. She was able to see the beauty in my process, without judgment and helped me get to many Ah-ha moments so I could shift into new ways of thinking about situations that had clouded me from evolving. I was profoundly inspired by her authentic and loving presence during our work together. She has continuously created a safe space for me to talk openly and she helped me take risks in relationships and life. I owe her so much!"


My husband and I had not had sex in a year. I experienced painful sex for most of our marriage and it was leading to long term difficulties between us. Honestly, I'd lost hope for myself and for us. A few months ago, WE had sex for the first time. And we have been able to continue doing so. I think that alone speaks for itself.


I have suffered from chronic migraines for years. I've been on 7 medications for so my years. I was on medications that barely worked. A few days ago we landed on some grief. Afterwards, I noticed relief in my head. It's two weeks after that session and I have only had 2 minor headaches since. 



Jade has the patience of a fucking saint! It’s been difficult for me to get through my resistance in my past attempts to find a therapist or coach. With a life filled with trauma and chaos it’s been hard to open up and trust, I can easily say that is not the case here. No matter the situation or how intense the memory, Jade was able to guide me in integrating so much of it and growing forward. Where others have given up on me and made me feel like I wasn’t worth the trouble, she makes me feel the complete opposite, which is vastly refreshing and has helped me open up more and have faith and excitement for a life where my trauma isn’t running things.


I haven't been able to have sex in years without pain. I came with my husband, pretty hopeless for my marriage. I ended up also working with Jade 1-1 and am now having solo-sex with no pain AND with my partner-  CONSISTENTLY. We had been to therapists, we had been to pelvic floor specialists, we had been to doctors, and nothing had worked. This was truly our last resort. And a year later, I am off of multiple medications I've been on for decades and having a thriving sex-life with my husband. Something I honestly couldn't have imagined was possible in a year.


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