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100 Days of sex

No, not me having sex, you animals.


STORIES FROM the city of angels.


Exploring sex and love lives liberated. These people molded their lifestyles to fit their desires. We can be perfectly monogamous with one person and happily polyamorous with another. Regardless of what standard programming wants us to believe, any lifestyle has something to teach us & we something to learn. Just as in nature, variation keeps our species alive and thriving in all different environments.

These are stories of people with unique flavors of love. Enjoy, get inspired, contribute. 


* Want to be part of the publishing project? Connect with me.

Day One: Drinks with a Sadist.

We’ve arranged to meet in a public location. It is late Sunday afternoon, and soft sunlight floods the streets. Children are on their phones, adults are getting ready to watch Game of Thrones, and I’m on my way to meet a sadist.

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