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On Divinity & Domesticating the primal

Dec. 8th. 2020

When you ask a person for evidence of divinity

They point to nature as proof

To the miracles of life

As if the willow trees and streams and bees

Were made by something other than itself

We hunger to be free in our nature

We feed our hunger for it through fantasy

Fables, stories, portraiture

We drench our entertainment in heartbreak and slaughter

To live a part of us we’ve rejected

To practice it at a distance, with ease

Emotional gymnastics

To prepare us for when it’s our turn

To devastate or be devastated

Or maybe we’re starved of touch, of passions

We crave to peel off the clothes of another with our teeth

Taste their sweat

Cause their breathless release

But we say to keep it in

Label it as sin

Shut down and tame us

Thinking shame and sublimation

Will contain us

All it does is inflame the masses

Pour lighter fluid on impulses

And hope we’ll bypass this

Building animal inside us

Waiting for an excuse to override our

Control, our poise, our civilized attempts

To not be a part of nature

To live a life exempt

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