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A little less seriously

I think we could all do with taking ourselves a liiiiiittle less seriously from time to time.

A lot...all of the people I coach with are perfectionists. That is probably because we are taught that's ideal and because I’m a recovering one myself.

Life motivates itself when you actually like what you're doing with it and who you're sharing it with.

I hated hearing things could be simple because simple was hard for me.

But things really can radically change when you are bored or fed up of the drama of suffering...

Of hating your job

Of fighting for your relationship

Of obsessively trying to control yourself in time

Of never feeling like you have enough money to invest in the good things in life

There are a million ways perfectionism runs peoples lives.

Maybe you project it on everyone else...

Either way, humor, a good laugh over the ridiculousness of being human with someone you enjoy, a good meal, and a touch of relaxation never killed anyone.

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