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I woke up today with an unexplainable yearning in my bones for home

Home for me has been something up for dispute by others

I have an American accent. My first time living in America was for college

I was born in Ecuador.

I had lived in 7 countries by the time I was 11. Now it’s more. So where am I really from?

I’ve lived the longest in London, went through lower school, middle school, high school there.

I miss the smell of the air when it’s cold in the morning, it feels crispy, wakes me up in a way I can almost taste and barely remember.

There’s an unexplainable experience of surrender and pleasure walking through France, drinking something a stranger insists you must try because they enjoy it. Or a coffee shop white wine. Or the haunting smell of bread at 5 A.M. when I’m a crazy westerner going on a jog through the deserted morning darkness. Everything dripping in romance.

Excitement and explosions of music and flavor, cava in alleyway tapas bars in Spain. Passion sprinkled on just about everything.

Rich greens, high sped streets of London, with the promise of grungy food & music, or decadent elegance.

Everything in cobblestoned streets.

Everything a mission, adventure, or walk away.

Almost everything so much older than I.

Architecture that demands respect in its centuries of history and wisdom.

Air-busses (shady airplanes) all over Europe were £29 round trip as I grew up. By 14 going all over the place with friends eating, sleeping, dancing, exploring, meeting humans, taking strange busses, boats, airlines.

And now in this age of quarantine, for the first time in the last 7 months, I find that my bones yearn for home. For Europe. For streets filled with people from towns or cities. People just going about their day. Sitting on benches enjoying hot steamy drinks and carbs.

So I called up my friend and well we’re going on a mission.

I was supposed to work all day today. I’ve decided that this is my work today.

I try and teach/coach that you can live the life you want with AND without the specific things that you want. It’s the FEELING your body is actually craving.

You can be in love without the love of your life.

You can be rich without millions of dollars.

You can travel still at home.

SO we shall see if I can recreate the feeling of this yearning today.

On a day where the weather is predicted to be 94 degrees.

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