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Being codependent IS superhuman.

It's being responsible for the world and yourself.

It's being THE MOST selfless, aware, intune to others and their emotions.

It’s access to human power. Strength. Courage. Forgiveness. Bravery. Intensity. Resiliency.

It's living the most intense sensations on the planet. Every day.

Sensations that make the easy times, kindness, love, attention, all feel like ecstasy in contrast to the darker sensations described above.

But it is epically unsustainable.

A life out of balance.

It's living in extremes & swinging from one extreme to another.

Codependency used to be related to relationships that struggled with substance abuse & addiction.

But it's definition can be applied to so many other dynamics.

This article won't focus on all the negative aspects of co-dependency. There is enough of that.

This post is here to honor the superhuman strengths codependents live every day with no recognition.

When I first learned about my own codependency years ago. I just saw it as another thing I had to fix or get rid of inside of me.

Which proved to be completely ineffective.

What was effective was recognizing all of the times I had been superhuman.

All of the times I'd hyper functioned in a horror filled industry (refugee services), while side hustling, while being everyone's go-to for any issue or stress in their lives (this was by my invitation). Dealing with strangers, friends, friends of friends, who were struggling with PTST or other serious mental illness I was untrained for at the time. 

I look back now with tender love and distant admiration. Distant because I no longer want to be that kind of high functioning.

I want to channel all of that limited energy into doing 1 thing & doing it epically, giving it all my attention, watching it bloom, be of service, & give back to me 2-fold. Balance. Giving and getting in return.

So for all you codependents out there, I see you. I honor you. And I promise there's a life (if you want it) where you get to channel all your superhuman strength into things that give back to you with equal or much greater force.

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