• Jennifer Jade Merrihue


It took some time to heal the wounds of feeling like there’s something wrong with my physical body. With its fluctuations.

To heal being conditioned by society that being tired is a mindset, being emotional is a weakness, that pain is only in your head, that I as a person with a period should be able to function like everyone else, every single day, instead of learning and honor my own cycle and learn the power it pulses through and for me.

I took advil, midol, asprin, and numbed these messy women things away.

I disconnected from my most primal reminder that I am life and death and capable of both in my body.

Then numb and sad I wondered what was the point of life? To take control of the physical and only let my logic choose what should be done with every hour of my animal experience?

No. No.


There’s so much more.

Grace and surrender come with understanding.

If you can value pain, inconsistency, the intrinsic nature of it, of yourself, you can use it with the power, the intuition, the deep sensual understanding & experience of existence.

And existence is messy.

It's chaos and harmony.

It's pleasure and pain.

It's life and death.

And so are we.

And so am I.

Sometimes poetry comes through.

Not the pretty rhyming ones laced in beauty.

But the ones like the one above and the part 2.

I want to teach you, and embody a world where it’s all important. Because that’s a world I want to co-create. Raise kids in. Fall in love with.

Where your art and your expressions of life as you see it are the medicine. Where sharing more of yourself is you being of service to the world.

Many times I would prefer to hide.

But this is me doing my part instead ⚜️

And welcoming you to do the same...

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