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I could go on many rants about the things that would have been useful to know before adulthood.

One of those things is the distinction between feelings and emotions.

How are we supposed to change behavior if we can’t understand it?


… tell us how to live - how we ’should/ should not live’ 

... state “ there is a right and wrong way to be”

… the meaning you give your emotions about the external world 

… are our long term attitude towards reality

… alert us to ANTICIPATED dangers + prepare us for action

... ensure long term survival of the self 

… are low key but lasting


… state what we like and dislike

… state “there are good and bad actions”

… state “the external world matters”

... are our initial attitude toward reality

... alert us to IMMEDIATE dangers + prepare us for action

...ensure immediate survival of the self (body and mind)

... are intense but temporary

Knowing the difference is powerful.

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