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Sometimes, things don’t go the way I want them to...

I lose opportunities that I’m dead set on getting.

A little voice in my head...the cruel, angry, probably a little bit hungry perfectionist decides it’s her place to stomp around my internal flower garden.

A graden I carefully planted and nourished for months, sometimes years.

She pours liquid fire on my beautiful roses

On my sunflowers

On my fresh basil and lavender

On my ancient redwood trees

She rips life from the very roots of the things I have dared to plant.

And when she is exhausted, she lays on the overturned ground, hands muddied and sliced up from the thorns.

Hands blackened with wet dirt and stained red with the blood of my petals.

And as she slowly burns out, it begins to rain inside me, and my perfectionist begins to dissolve into the scorched wet ground and begins to fertilize it.

Because out of every failure, every let down, every missed opportunity we get the opportunity to start again.

From freshly overturned ground, fertilized with your idealism and newly gained knowledge of what DOESN’T work.

Every time this happens you get a choice.

You can give up frustrated or be glad you get to prove to yourself you can build and rebuild.

That no matter how long it takes, or how many times you have to start over, you’re committed to that big sparkly life you want.


There is power, there is comedy, when you are able to look around at a life you poured your soul into building, while it crumbles, and see only opportunity.

Mourning what’s lost is important of course. But mourning can also be a sneaky way to honor your fear over reality.


You lost a job you hate:

Fear says you’re never getting employed or having money again.

The truth is there are billions of jobs on this planet. Jobs you’ve never even dreamed of.

Jobs that don’t exist yet.

Someone already exists whose whole thriving business is “Unicorn Training”.

JK ROWLING made an empire out of making up magical stories.

Yes it’s hard.

And scary.

And I’m sure you can find so much f’ing REAL A$$ evidence of how doomed you are, how your case is special, and you have so much trauma, and possibly debt, and aaaaalll the other very good reasons you can come up with to waste your precious and valuable energy.

Or you can admit you don’t know what you’ll do or how, but you know you’ll keep taking steps towards that big sparkly life until you get there.

Ask for help.

Ask for guidance.

Celebrate with someone!

You do not have to do this alone.

You would be shocked how many people want to help you, contribute to you, see you and love you.

I can say ALLL this because I’ve been there before.

It took 3 months of coaching for me to grow and implement solid boundaries (after 31 years without them).

Took one week to burn everything down that wasn’t working.

To leave “that” life.

And start this one.

I was terrified, clueless, with no cushion money to guarantee my future safety.

It was the very best decision I have ever made.

If you’re reading this and you connect with it. If you’ve been on the fence or curious about coaching. Reach out!!

If you:

Love working on yourself

Wonder what a uniquely tailored life could look like for you

You’ve worked hard but don’t feel inspired by where it’s led you in your business, in your love life, your sex life, or your free time

REACH OUT and connect with me to set up an exploratory session and consider where your life could be in 3 months - a year. The world is your oyster.

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