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This year instead of forcing yourself to buy a bunch of gifts no one wants, wasting your time and energy trying not to look like a stingy butt hole during the season of giving, OR alternatively over spendING and entering the new year stressed out, angry, and broke.

This year: Give yourself.

Yes, yes, I know this sounds so cheesy. But bare with me. I have to share that if you actually follow through with this, it’s a memory your people won’t forget.

Materials are fun sure, depending on how much $$ you have to spend on them. But experiences are something where you and this person can bond, get to know each other better, truly enjoy each other, look forward to, maybe it even becomes a tradition.

This year instead of buying fluffy slippers or yet another pair of pjs or a photo frame. Make a reservation to a new restaurant for you and your dad in two weeks (or two months, the time doesn’t matter). Make it a place that they would love and HERE’S THE IMPORTANT PART: a place you would ENJOY taking them to and going to yourself.

Take your mom to a new museum opening.

Your sister sky-diving.

Your brother four-wheeling (did this for my bf earlier this year. It was EPIC. The pictures are hilarious and we’ll never forget it.)

This year instead of the gift of STUFF, give the gift of your time and attention.

If $$ is an issue, get some groceries and reach out to me for cheap and DECADENT meals you can make that LOOK fancy as F*** but are healthy and gourmet and won’t break your bank.

People are moved by the time and thought you put into something.

Giving them an invitation (physical or calendar invite) to your house next week where you will pamper them with food you made (or ordered if you don’t like cooking), and time spent with your attention, where you love on them. It’s the very best in the whole wide world.

Drive out to a sunrise hike and prepare coffee and doughnuts for the morning, pick them up and deliver them to the beauty.

Are things awkward with your family member or friend and a dinner sounds too intense? Fine! Find a drive-through theater and sit near each other in each other's company.

Don’t have a drive-through near you? MAKE YOUR OWN! Take an iPad on a hike with a downloaded movie on it, set up a picnic. Get a big sheet with a bottle of wine and a baguette and cheese and TADA! You’re basically French.

When I’m stumped, I use Groupon or just search :

- Interesting gifts this holiday season - Unique events in my area in December - Pop up restaurants in December - Things I haven’t thought of to do with my family this new year - Weirdest things to do in my town

GET CREATIVE. Google don’t judge.

THE MAIN POINT HERE- is that you guys do something you both authentically enjoy. Make a new memory, spend some time together doing something that you’ll remember. Take pics you can later send them. The gift of your time and attention is more rewarding to a person than you could ever imagine.

Even those with avoidant attachment styles have nervous systems that appreciate and soothe themselves when people do loving things for them. So don’t assume that the person won’t like it just because of their icy demeanor.

I am THE BEST GIFT CREATOR, if figuring out presents is ruining your life right now, reach out- let’s brainstorm together.

LOOOOOOT’S of love and spend your time this holiday season ACTUALLY doing shi* you enjoy doing with the people you love.

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