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HOLIDAYS ARE ROUGH for those of us who like being healthy, who like to look good, be fit, AND who love holiday treats, feasts, family and fun.

Whether your routines get thrown off by loving visitors, x-mas cookies, eggnog, pie, stuffing, holiday stress, you NAME it always helps to have some structure and guidance around your nutrition.

I don't know if you guys know this about me: I'm a certified nutritionist and chef.

How does this tie in with relationship coaching? Well, our relationship with our bodies and self-esteem is how we learn to relate to others!

What you put in your body- whether it's junk, too much food, not enough food- it all affects our ability to love ourselves and others.

If you're starting to fear the holidays, if you like to be healthy but struggle to:

* stick with your routines when holidays arrive (or have no routine) * if finances and business have you worried/stressed * if you're struggling with overeating or any eating disorders during a time of feasting and parties * you get social anxiety and avoid everything altogether

...and holidays are just in general really rough for you...

Don't hesitate to REACH OUT!!!!

Many people struggle with holiday stress and pressure. YOU ARE NOT ALONE and getting some support, advice, and easy hacks around what you can cook, eat, indulge in, can change your holiday experience from tense, stress, and chaos to easy, peaceful, enjoyment + abundance.

Believe it or not you can make ALMOST any unhealthy comfort dish healthy without even noticing the ingredient switches. Pasta bakes, brownies, cakes, whipped mashed potatoes, cookies, lasagna, stuffing, you name. Make food CONTRIBUTE to your fitness goals so you start the new decade STRONG, in control, and completely inspired because you don’t have to diet.

Diets, as many of you know are unsustainable. They are a restrictive and tense approach to an already difficult subject. And they are unsustainable because your primal brain is going to fight you to the death for the sugar and salt it craves when it’s in a low food diet.

I prefer diets where I get to have breakfast sandwiches, pizza, pie, and cookies as main players in my weekly routine AND be a healthy mofo doing it. You heard me. I choose a life where Pizza gets me fit and healthy.

Choosing a lifestyle that works for you is SO IMPORTANT.

REPLACING some ingredients in your already existing habits and comforts is a MUCH more sustainable and exciting way to approach your health and fitness. You only get one life and living it in a way where you get to have everything your heart desires is a beautiful and revolutionary approach to our bodies.

This x-mas, get fit and get in shape by OVER indulging wisely ;). Make pizza work for YOU!!!!

If this sounds like the kind of life for you, connect with me somehow and let me know what you want for yourself in the new year…I offer 1-1 coaching.

It’s an honor to serve.

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