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I challenge you-

Nov. 29.2020

Just for one week...

Make a list of your flaws, and just for one week... see them as beautiful.

Spend time caressing, exploring, experiencing the parts of yourself you’ve been conditioned to reject in an adoring fashion. Find the beauty in them no matter how long it takes you.

If anything, do this to liberate your attention from focusing on things that are such a colosal waste of your time (like rejecting yourself).

I think you are perfect and fucking beautiful.

I see your body and I see a perfect machine that knows what it’s doing- even if you disagree with the outcome 100% of the time.

I see your body as perfect and beautiful.

I invite you to do the same.

Just for one week.

And then if you want to, share it in the comments or send me a private message.

On some level we’re all going through similar things. No need to go it alone.


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