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I dream of sharks

I dream of whales when I’m lucky

I dream of alligators

My dreams always and I mean ALWAYS have water in them

Pools are the worst. Chlorine. Trapped neon water. Chemical.

Swamps are interesting. Usually these come with dreams of floods or deep murky water I’m walking through with alligators potentially in them as well as cars and the rubble of broken houses

Or streams and rivers which are rare and beautiful

Sometimes lakes.

With giant dinosaurs in them that swim slowly by the crystalline turquoise water only showing themselves as giant shades under the surface

I dream of oceans the most

Huge bodies of water, deep and endless, dark and beautiful and scary, loud, deafeningly silent

I’ve had them in clear turquoise waters with white silky sands that lick my toes in waves

On the shores

I’ve had them on the sea floor looking up at thousands of whale sharks swimming near a drop off ocean wall

I’ve had them when I’m on a boat with a crystal floor so I can see the whales, huge and majestic, swim by

Dinosaur monsters beautiful beasts

I have fallen off the ships to be swept up by the massive tail of whales 🐋

Flipped to the sky to fly up and be swooshed back down to the water until I was pushed to a shore far away with totem poles whose faces were ancient and moving

I’ve dreamt of being in the middle of an ocean with no ocean floor or surface of the water in any direction. With the sound of a deep heartbeat and the presence of my grandfather who I never met because he died climbing a mountain

I’ve had dreams with hundreds of massive tornadoes in oceans that cause tsunamis while I’m on the shore looking up at these sky monsters, beautiful and terrifying

I dream of apocalypse constantly

Of disaster and fleeing

Sometimes of war


Of people saving people, persecution, hiding

Maybe this is the holocaust that still runs through my blood. My grandmothers memories purging through me.


They say these dreams mean a part of you is dying off that needs to, it means revolution in your life, it means something huge is coming

If so, then my life has daily revolutions

Which I’m learning is part of the awesome power of being a woman

Life and death, death and life

Blood and primal depth and sound

The power is all in me and my body

Both extremes










In me

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