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There was a time when I was working 6-7 days a week.

Out of the blue- I started putting quartz crystals in my bra.

I had no point of context.

I hadn’t heard or read anywhere that I should do that.

But I felt desperate.

Desperate to feel like there was something other than being a good, responsible, hard worker that made life worth living.

I stomped into a hippy’s crystal shop.

Picked a pretty pink quartz thinking it probably symbolized love and shoved it into a little corner in my bra.

It was my little secret.

My reminder that there was more on this earth.

That day, I decided I wanted a different life.

Even if I had no idea how to get it.

Though I kept forgetting the crystal was in there when I took my bra off, and I shattered a good 10 of them, it was my secret communication with the world, with myself.

I look at my life now and I melt with relief.

I don’t need crystals nuzzled in my underwear anymore to feel access to the impossible perfection of nature and what this life can create, what I can create when I finally acknowledge at the very least what I don’t want.

I see it reflected all around me.

In the people I love.

In the work I get to do every single day.

In the way I spend my time off.

In the way I take care of myself.

I saw this life as possible through the coaches that inspired me and gave me context for what's possible through the lives they lead.

Today, my coach inspires me to think bigger, more beautifully, more playfully, and generously that I ever have before...and I get to apply that to my work.

With the coaches that have inspired me and given me context for what’s possible.

If this post feels like it’s written just for you, reach out and connect with me. I have 2 coaching spots open. I can’t wait to meet you and offer back some of the generosity, motivation, and magic that was offered to me at my darkest

I want this life for you too, in what ever form or flavor it takes on for you

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