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Money & belief

BELIEF creates —>

THOUGHT inspires —>

BEHAVIOR (action) —>

ACTION repeated—>

HABIT leads to —>

Every OUTCOME in your life you are responsible for.

What beliefs were you raised with?

What did your parents teach you about money?

What did they believe about money?

By the age of 6- You’ve absorbed the fundamental beliefs that will run your behavior until you choose to become aware of them and change them.

Same thing applies to your relationships. By 7 you’ve developed your attachment style.

Which is what will attract you to partners, people, and dynamics until you choose to put awareness on it and change it.

The subject may shift as you get clearer on the things you want, but the methodology to change your life applies smoothly across the board.

Whether it’s your diet, your love life, your financial life....

Get clear on what you want

Understand your history

Create/ invent a lifestyle that aims you in the direction you want

Commit to not giving up

Fail a bunch

Keep goin til you get there

You fail 100% of the opportunities you never took.

NO pants required.

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