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Often people judge whether or not to do something by whether or not they believe they can do it.

Creativity and learning are so much more interesting than that. Our perceptions of our abilities are solely based on our past experience of our past abilities.

So, for example, if you’ve never been musical, you most likely don’t just get an instrument and commit to playing it. Playing it well, playing it terribly, but playing it.

Most people who weren't raised artistically, don’t just dabble in arts and crafts for fun.

Creation can introduce us to different parts of ourselves, of our brain when it takes over, leads us, shows us what we’re capable of.

Play a new instrument every day for ten days and I promise you what your fingers are able to do by day 10 was unfathomable on day 1.

This applies to anything. Even learning languages.

Recently I’ve been watching impossible dance videos and trying to see if my brain can pick up the moves without any classes. On day 3 I was remembering 40% of the steps, even though on day 1 I resembled robot monkey having a musical spasm. By the 3rd day I found my body was able to mimic the moves on the screen completely outside of my conscious effort. When I thought too much about the moves or how I was doing them, I’d lose it, but if I trust my body to follow it. It did.

How many things don’t we try in this world because we think we won't be good at it? There are thousands of flavors of sensation on the planet. And infinite ways to trigger them, to taste them, to experience them. But most of us stick to what we know. And do it over and over again.

Boredom can merely be a communication from your body that it’s ready to do something radically different.

Just like rock bottom, sometimes we need to reach the soul sucking depths of boredom to inspire new creativity, risk, and action.

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