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Nov.18. 2020

Marriage is an invented institution.

I’m not discrediting it.

I’m just not letting you pretend it means ANYTHING you don’t want it to mean.

It can be the holiest thing.

It can be the most empty.

But sometimes I see people married together,

Hating each other.

Feeling like the air is bleeding out of the room that is their life.

Making excuses,

It’s the kids,

It’s the money,

It’s the fear of crippling loneliness.

But what is lonelier than living in a world you’re co-creating that says you have to be unhappy to be holy?

If most religion could adapt, it could teach people how to course correct with love, forgiveness, compassion.

Instead of staying in abusive relationships in the name of god...

Maybe the church could teach people how to remain a family after divorce.

How to raise children together while living apart, and co-create an honest life.

ACTUALLY honest.

I’ve seen the difference between abusive relationships and divine ones.

One can lead to the other if we surrender to it. The abusive relationship feels like a clear communication to LEAVE, to STOP, to find a path of least resistance so that you can use all that your body and soul is capable of to relate to and affect the world by, your experience of divinity, love, ease, & power.

You get to choose what reality you live in, no matter what book, cultural norm, law, or doctrine may say.

In some countries radically owning this can cost you your life. If you live in a country where it won't, I hope you truly step into the epic freedom to choose and create for yourself what love is.

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