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Maybe you procrastinate working out

Maybe it’s doing your hobbies

Researching your dream job

Meditating or massage


You’d be surprised how creative we can get at distracting ourselves. EVEN from pleasurable things that we REALLY want to do.

When you are disconnected from your body, it can feel like it’s working against you. Procrastination os one of the many ways it does this. Tries to hijack the system to get your attention.

It can come from some crunchy belief that no longer works for you, or it can come from fear of what might happen if you do that thing you’ve been wanting to do.

If you research your dream job, you might actually have to consider leaving your current one (or live with the sadness of not leaving)

If you journal and you find out some shadowy truths inside of you about your current situation, does it mean you’d have to change it when maybe you don’t feel mentally ready?

If you start meditating does it mean you have to do it every single day or your perfectionist mind beats you up about it?

There are so many reasons you might be procrastinating. Find out WHY by getting on your own team. Understanding that if your body is wise and fucking perfect then why is it trying to slow you down? What is it trying to communicate with you? How is it trying to serve you? at

It’s up to you to find out WHAT it’s trying to communicate and why it’s so unconscious in your body that you are not connecting to the “why” automatically.



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