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Nov. 13th. 2020

The one who lives in daylight,

The one who lives in none.

One builds empires in the sun.

Gold gleaming towers 

of revolution, of power.

The other one

drips in satin sin,

makes the best with whisky, 

with gin.

Pours it over the earth and bleeds anarchy 

into the mud 

that holds those sun kissed towers.

She lights the liquor soaked earth on fire.

Dips her body into it, wet with desire.

Grunge and filth.

She takes the moonlight’s silk,

and sews in another layer

of protection

Into my chest.

A bullet proof vest.

So that sunshiney me can’t 

Forget or reject

That there are two of us living here

In this fragile human dress.

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