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Warm breath

Curling around my neck

Sweet whispers

Cotton candy sensations

Whipped words lusciously delivered

Right onto the rims of my ears

Trickling inside of me like Melody & honey

Just for this moment

I’ll reconsider

Resisting time &

Things I’ve bittered

I’ll melt right into your promise

Your words

As they slowly cover every inch

Of my body like a blanket laced in poetry

I pretend to resist

As it dissolves every last of my defenses

I melt like sweet honey butter into the sunset

Dip into me

For hope

For sweet sweet chaos

For harmony

Fresh baked sensationalism you can tear apart like sweet sour dough

You're a million roses blooming

All at once inside me

A million Butterflies exploding out of captivity

within my very veins

Sensational flooding to the beat of blood and silken wings

You're like slow moving lava,

sewn in golden thread,

so gorgeous I can’t look away as it weaves itself into my body, my head

Slowly fossilize get me

In place

No way I can run now

It’s fate

You're like caramel.

Hot, sticky, addictive.

You seduce all the parts of me that crave

you the most

by sticking to them when they want to resist you getting close

I want to wrap myself in your everything and surrender.

Run away from you and never remember- the sweet/sour promise of your teeth pulling my bottom lip just a little bit

Holding it like it was the most precious thing on the planet between lips of your own

I want every part of you to rip me apart & to leave me alone

So i can pretend I’m not smitten

Enthralled, & seduced

My passions burnt a fuze

I have no excuse

but to follow your merry go round

If I’m wrong it’s worth all the misuse

Of what my fantasies insist on infusing

Into All my hopes as I explore,

you Including

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