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My biggest life goal- is to build an empire where I can hire people in shitty, abusive, or impossible situations, to do some job for said empire. That job would then provide them with an income, community, services like resume building, and coaching or therapy.


Telling the people around you what you want to do is a powerful way to see what's in the way of you doing it.

If you feel shy about your mission, there's work to be done.

Find the reasons you're avoiding telling people your goals, those are your growth edges. Lean into them. Hard. And if it's a tender or traumatized part. Get it love and support, and THEN lean into it hard. Tell people about your fears to diffuse them. Do the opposite of what the fear wants you to do.


Telling people what your goals are enroll your environment and the people around you in getting that goal done. It also allows you to see what comes up for you- which shows you what might be in the way for you. It gives other people the chance to contribute to you. And saying it over and over again helps to make that goal feel like it's second nature to you.

Do you have any giant goals you don't tell people about?


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