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I share because it’s uncomfortable for me.

I share because it’s my edge.

I share because leaning into my edges changed my life.

I share because for you to believe anything is possible in this life, you have to see it in the flesh.

A living example.

I share because I want to reflect to you that you can be messy, vulnerable, unrehearsed and have the life you want. I want to reflect to you that you can be successful, make a BUNCH of money, do what you love daily, AND attract a partnership that makes life EASIER, MORE pleasure filled, comfortable, inspiring, and exciting for you.

I want to reflect that you can make a MAJOR life decision and change your mind, the night before it happens.

You can be wrong.

You can be flawed. And you are still important.

Capable of inspiring someone or changing their life by sharing who you really are and what you are really going through. Right now.

I want to inspire you to live your life as an existential experiment and share with the world how it goes for you…even if it goes terribly or if it’s fantastic.

I want to reflect to you that you can be naked, silly, lazy, angry, sad, nervous, excited and still be professional AF when you need to be.

I want to reflect that life can be EASY and that you can build it in such a way that being yourself in real time is encouraged and needed in your environment. You can set it up that way. A life where you don’t have to fake it, force it, lie, or ‘make it through’ even a single day.

I share my life in hopes of reaching even ONE person out there who’s waking up everyday to a life you resent.

If this is you, I want to tell you I love you and I know and remember what life on the other side of this feels like.

A life filled with should’s, have-to’s, and musts. A life of obligation, with few boundaries, and few if any personal connections that inspire hope for love or life.

Not long ago, I remember waking up every day …to the same day.

Every single day and night packed to the hour with work, fitness, activities, friends, and the faint hum of exhaustion flavoring everything in burn-out.

On the outside my life seemed like an incredible, decadent life. Filled with missions, travel, dinners, friends, parties, dancing, and family.





I’ve had a blessed life and I’ll be the first to admit it. But I was exhausted, burnt out, always moving from thing to thing. Never allowed to change my mind, to be slow and empty. To rest.

Mottos like:

“Sleep when you’re dead” and “You only live once” fueled and justified every adventure, every night out, every disaster.

I couldn’t imagine empty space on my calendar let alone a whole week with NO plans. Always feeling one step behind, like my to-do list was never ending. Like those things I REALLY wanted to do would have to wait until I had time for them. In some distant future.

I avoided days with myself, with NO plans, where I could practice doing what I wanted to in real-time. I avoided too much time alone, sitting still too long brought on the whispers of angst, let me taste the trickles of dissatisfaction that brewed in my soul. I insisted instead, that I should only be grateful for the life I had, a good job, friends, something to do every night.

And then one day enough was enough. I would not do it anymore.

I began by leaning into my edges. Getting uncomfortable. Getting curious of what those edges were for me. Thinking bigger. Wilder. Considering the impossible and finding examples of people living a life that seemed impossible for me.

Pretty immediately everything around me changed, from what I did on a daily basis, what I said yes/no to, who was around me, and how I experienced the world, money, abundance, time, connection and more…whether I’m alone or with others I now enjoy the experience of being me in real time because all of it is welcome.

Instead of a life of avoidance, dissatisfaction and angst now serve to guide me.

The weight of the belief that there was no other way to live almost killed me.

At the time, already exhausted, questions like…

“How many people would I have to let down?…Deal with? …Reassure?”

…fueled my resistance to change my life and kept me going on the same path for a decade.

Wired on coffee and forced gratitude I kept believing it would just get better one day.

But it didn’t.

Not until I had had enough of believing there is only one way to live.

You don’t need to know what your perfect life looks like yet, you don’t need to know know HOW you’ll make it happen.

You just have to decide you’ve had enough of the life you don’t want to live.

I share because in order to prove to you that all of this is possible, I have to live it and show you.

I still travel, I still live a full and exquisite life. But it’s so different. It’s flexible and free to change. It’s easy because I use ALL of what comes up for me and treat it as important. No more should’s. It’s got both empty space to explore myself AND adventures like being in Bali. I have space to create, heal, doubt, adjust. To question my decisions, my commitments to people, and to myself, and know that I can change course powerfully at any time.

I couldn’t have gotten to this state of being when I was working in non-profit for a decade or when I was working in marketing because I showed up forcefully, tried to make myself fit into a life that felt wrong to me.

I only got here by deciding I’d had enough, and deciding to find another way. ANY other way, at whatever cost.

I got guidance, coaching, strategies, I started sharing with everyone, gathering stories and tips, and connecting with you guys.

It changed my life and that’s why I share. To offer back what I so needed to hear when I was feeling all but trapped and hopeless.

I want you to believe the life you want is realistic and easy for you to get. If you have no idea where to start reach out to me and let’s get you started. I have space for 1-1 coaching opening up in the new year.

We’re in this together.

Yours truly,


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