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Updated: Oct 18, 2021

You don’t have to stay in bad relationships or jobs.

No matter the circumstances.

You just don't.

You can leave.

It's easier to leave with money, with a passion.

And some people have one of these, some people have none.

I think women’s relationship to money is stunted, pretty obviously, by being raised in a society with a history where women were property, where women were ”kept” by the men in their lives.

Now hear me out before you respond, especially if your partner is supporting you (which I am in no way against).

In some way or another, women were taught to relate to money with a degree of separation.

I have absolutely nothing against relationships where one partner does not work.

But I don't love that in the past, and currently, this means one partner doesn’t build their own relationship to money and all that money symbolizes for us in the world we created.

For many, in the majority of women, this results in building a life dependent on someone else.

And since there's a 50% divorce rate… the stability of this dependency sounds like a gamble.

It has led people to justify enduring some awful circumstances in order to maintain access to the living conditions they want, comfort, food, life.

I’m not judging this. I’ve been there myself.

But I don’t want to live in a world where anyone has to work to stay in a life that feels abusive to them.

I don't want you to stay in an abusive relationship at work or with your loved ones because you don't know how you'll pay for your life.

Bypassing building a relationship to money just puts it off- but it doesn’t get you out of having to do the work one day.

You can avoid it til you die but I believe it has a similar effect as avoiding learning about your health.

Because money is about so much more than just spending ability.

It’s not about what you can buy. It's about what you believe is possible. What you want to impact.

Who you are and what effect you want to have on the world around you.

It's about independence.





I used to think not making a lot of money was a service. I used to think working for free for causes I believed in was a worthy sacrifice.

Yes, it’s impactful but how much more impact could you have if you had every single one of your needs met and felt infinitely abundant?

I want to fill the world with people working for themselves or working for jobs they love and feel supported by.

Free and powerful. Independently able to use their wealth to support the businesses they believe in, to buy the food they believe in, to support the causes and people they believe in.

I want to shift this world from dog-eat-dog and survival mentality to one where we all feel we are in this together.

Able to impact and influence what we believe in with our time, with our wealth, with our attention. With ease.

I want to fill the world with bosses that want to pay their employees as much as possible, offer them (and their families) abundant healthcare, time off, and independent management of their own schedule.

If you are living a life you can’t stand. One where you wake up to really wondering to yourself “what’s the point”.

Reach out, in 3 months I want you to be in a life you can’t wait to wake up for.

I promise it’s easier than it sounds.

I’ve done it myself.

It’s much easier when supported and encouraged and held.

My containers with my clients are uniquely tailored to what works for you, filled with presents, and support the whole time through.

You get all the tools and practices, or just a few. It’s up to you.

Help me change the world by living the life that lights you up and brings you the most joy, pleasure, and power to impact the world in the way you so desire.

I have spots opening for 1-1 coaching.

DM me for more info...

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